First trip to Lausanne, Switzerland 2009
If you look closely you will see my PJ bottoms flying around out here somewhere in Lausanne – they were left on the patio to dry this afternoon and it became very windy..
The Headquarters for the Olympics here in Lausanne. This is the old logo. The new one has more color and is much better.
Just in time for these beautiful flowers even though it was cold

Although there is a lot to see in Lausanne, travel to other places was also welcomed. Went to Paris and also went to Tuscany for another week. First Pareee…

On to Paris, mes amies!

Train trip was awesome – as soon as you cross the line from Switzerland to France, you crack open your wine and have a little cheese and baguette to celebrate your journey. What a way to go!

On our way to Paris – the scenery from the train. Some photos blurry – but not too bad being on a moving train for this.

The forests were beautiful and “almost” spring!

AND SNOW!!!  We are up in the mountains now, still on the train, drinking wine, bread, cheese…

At last, first day in Paris at a Flea Market where I purchased the infamous plaid sneakers…

 Love these…

Markets are big stuff here. You can find just about anything, including little red sneakers. Most photos are straight from the camera as I could not post process and straighten out the horizons. Makes it more realistic, no?

The subway system was great transportation
And Mickey Mouse is Everywhere!Our goal for Paris was to go to DisneyLand Paris

Ah, L’Arc de Triomphe! And LOTS of people today –


Advertising for COCO Chanel’s movie that was opening soon in Paris. Did I see it? Mais oui!!!!

CocoChanel EST Paris! Trés magnifique!


Andy Warhol Exhibit on the Champs Elysee


On the Champs Elysees. The Arc de Triomphe in the background

That evening we had decided to tour Paris on a bicycle. Yes, on a bicycle. It was awesome to say the least, even though I was the oldest person on a bike, but I kept up pretty well with my cohort of young people. Even they were surprised. At one point I had to stop for a light and the rest of the group went ahead (but waited up front) while this little old Frenchman turned to me and asked how I liked riding my bike in the streets of Paris!  The place we rented from was called “FAT TIRE” and it is located near the Eiffel Tower where we started the trip in daylight.

We were given reflector vests and shown how to turn on the bike lights as well.

Was it scary? Sometimes…passing a bus was the biggest scare, but most of the time we traveled areas that did not have cars or buses. There are many parks in Paris with bike trails. Our guide was Andrew from Michigan who knew his history well. The best part…stopping for gelato across the river. Amaretto gelato to die for.

Our destination was the Bateaux Mouches, the boats along the Seine – and a wine party. My motivation for sure. Met lots of nice people, some teachers from Australia and others.

Then we had to ride BACK to the rental place at which time who wanted to ride anywhere??? Rode by the Louvre as well. It was much different at night riding in the courtyards with bikes. Lots of people out and about on the bridges – it was Saturday. Many parties that seemed to just use the street as their “address.”  While on the boat we waved to party goers along the Seine.

Fun, but exhausting, evening, thanks to Christopher, my teacher host who encourages me to do things I ordinarily would not attempt – like ride a bicycle at NIGHT in PARIS.

La Tour Eiffel! At night. Very pretty. Snapshot, folks.

Paris — Ah, who can forget Paris! Pareeeeee!

        The Louvre at night as seen from the courtyard where you could ride your bike quite fast without running anyone over.



And the Bateaux Mouches in the daytime –  We rode our bikes to the boat, locked up the bikes, got on and proceeded to have our own party. When we were finished touring on the Bateaux Mouches, we unlocked the bikes and headed back to the bike store where we had rented them. It was by now very dark and we had consumed a bit of French wine too. Can’t say I remember a whole lot – and maybe that’s a good thing!

Viva la France et les Bicyclettes!


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