PLAY – Welcome Unbored!

wall drawing

purple, girl

Tattoo Lady

Purple Girl – I can’t begin to tell you what I did to this photo. This is a prime example of my philosophy on teaching Photoshop – you HAVE to play. You have to try out the filters, the masking techniques, the painting, the brushes —

When you discover something that works, keep it. Keep all your work in layers. Of course you will have the original photo as your background and then you will duplicate it (CTL+J for a pc, OPT+J for mac) and you will work on the duplicated one. This way you always have your original to fall back on just in case you don’t like what you came up with

!lady collage

Escape Hatch Composite

This kind of work involves taking a number of photos, artworks, scans, whatever you have and combining it to make one concept. By using Photoshop filters, masks and other additions, you have to experiment to see what you have. PLAY.

SHOESCollect shoes, photograph them in the same light with camera stabilized on a tripod. Photo against a plain background. Remove background with photoshop, combine photos, make reflections, use a gradient for the bottom, go from dark to white so it looks like a table top.


Fashion stuff and Fun with Photoshop

One of my first layered composites. The dragon fly was real. Really dead too. Thankfully.


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