About the Artist/Photographer

I’m a Photographer, Photoshop teacher and Adobe beta tester, world traveler, adventurer –

Photoshop Flash & Mother Nature

Here is where you will find not only my photographs but Photoshop as well. Photoshop is a HUGE application and can be used in a variety of ways. On this website you will see it being used as a tool to enhance (not change)  a photo so that it becomes not JUST a photo, but a visionary result from imagination. Although you are seeing what I see through the lens, I also see the life in a photo as well.

It could be two objects totally unrelated in the real world, but combined in Photoshop you internalize a whole different concept. As you go through the photos/art on my travel photo journal you will begin to see where this is going. Actually, I never know where it is going until I have been there-  and reflect.

mother nature

Mother Nature Creates Aurora Borealis

Above: Mother Nature Creates Aurora Borealis – I only thought of myself as Mother Nature after I did this photo. Who’s going to argue…Mother Nature??

Photoshop lesson

The beginning of the above photo was a figure (self portrait) with plain background. It was changed to black by selecting the figure and filling in the background with black. The ribbons were added from a stock photo and the smoke was added from brushes that were downloaded from internet free brushes sites. Experimenting with size, color and placement, this is what resulted. I exhibited my series of “Mother Nature” at the CityArts Factory in Orlando, FL,  April 2011.

Go here for a photographic journal of my travels: https://plusphotoshoot.wordpress.com/travel-bye-design/

Or stick around and see a few of my favorite shots from past photoshoots. I lead a charmed life…

All photos are copyrighted DAR2012 (c). Permission required to copy or use my work in any way is necessary and legal.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles…

Not just a pretty face…

Even a back has personality –

Earth, Sea and Sky

If you are looking for a location specialist photographer, contact me.


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